Richmond Olympic Oval

Like many venues during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, The Richmond Olympic Oval needed to function during the games but also to extend beyond its two week glory. PFS Studio was successful in creating a thriving multi-sport complex and community centre, which has become a hub of activity on the Fraser River.

The extensive and well detailed landscape features three major open spaces. The River Green, an amphitheater space with views to the Fraser River. A 91-meter boardwalk over a stormwater detention pond known as The Water Sky Garden that allows pedestrians to stroll through the space and enjoy the public art feature "Sky Lantern" by Janet Echelman, which floats gracefully above. Finally, The Legacy Plaza functions as an urban 'town square' and gathering place for the community. The space is defined by oval arcing stairs / concrete walls and plays host to events, food truck festivals, recreational volleyball and outdoor movie nights.

The Olympic grandeur may be gone, but this legacy development, one of the largest recreation facilities in Canada, will be used and loved by the community for years to come.  Click images to enlarge.

Brett Hitchins