Villa Maris: Video Profile

Video is quickly becoming the future of marketing and an accessible tool to showcase the stories of everyday architecture and design projects.

It's an engaging way to quickly share information, and the statistics on user engagement prove its value. Production costs have fallen significantly, making it affordable to small businesses; and apps and websites have optimized their platforms to make streaming easier and more enjoyable to viewers.

The clip above was my first introduction to the medium. Partnering with talented documentary filmmaker Josephine Anderson, our task was to profile the inspirations and challenges that came with realizing a recently completed landscape architecture project in West Vancouver.

Enns Gauthier Landscape Architects led the project, collaborating with Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, to transform an empty rooftop at the Villa Maris Apartments into a unique garden experience for the building residents. Taking inspiration from the local landscape and the site's panoramic setting along English Bay, the team used gentle mounds, native pines, beach logs, stone tiles, and flowing grasses to create an elegant installation that mimics the shoreline below.

Still images below. Click here for more.

Brett Hitchins