PLAYscapes | Design Competition

Building Trust International shared the results of their PLAYscapes competition earlier this week. Together with a team from Projects in Place and Sharp & Diamond, I helped develop an entry to transform urban Vancouver into a stage for spontaneous social interaction. An excerpt from our design brief and competition panels are copied below:

 "In general terms, cities are large economic centers supporting a dense population through an extensive network of infrastructure. But what animates a city? What drives the pulse of a city and forms its character? What makes it a fun place? There are many factors that contribute to the establishment of a city’s character, from the climate that affects the built form to the customs practiced influencing daily routines and cultural norms.

The Village City Game makes Vancouver a more fun city by encouraging playful and social interaction with the city’s built form. Within a network of selected micro-sites and installations participants will “choose their own adventure” as they navigate between the identified locations. 

At each micro-site there will be a task or challenge that is informed by the context of the site. Each identified location will direct participants to another identified site creating a journey through the city, linked by experiences and play. Every time the game is played the experience will be different. The selected challenges encourage social interactions with the diverse people and an understanding of the places that comprise the city. In doing so, the game is inclusive to all visitors and residence of the city as there are active participants playing the game, passive participants observing, young and old interpreting sites and challenges differently and a time frame that can last an hour or months."

Click here to see all the professional entries.

Brett Hitchins