Brett Ryan Studios


Brett Ryan Studios is photography and visual communications practice based in Vancouver, BC, working with landscape architects, architects, and allied industry clients to grow brand identities and portfolio assets.

Brett Ryan Hitchins is a Professional Photographer of Canada recognized as an expert in Pictorial / Scenic imagery. He earned a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph in 2007 and upon graduation was honoured with an American Society of Landscape Architects Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Moving to Vancouver that same year he worked at Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architecture (now Connect Landscape Architecture) for eight years before establishing his own business.


In 2016 he started Brett Ryan Studios as a place to pursue meaningful image based projects. As a photographer with a design background, he approaches projects from an insider’s perspective — able to read concept plans, understand construction details, and empathize with the challenges that come with realizing a new building or public space. This relationship between photography and design has proven increasingly valuable, providing clients with marketing assets that communicate the ideas within their work to help attract new business.

Brett is quiet and inquisitive. His strength is in understanding complex business objectives and providing insights into visual solutions that help achieve those goals. Whether it be a photograph, short video, or graphic communication piece, he is driven by ideas and projects that have enduring value. His daily work aims to capture the experiences created by designers and seeks to make their ideas better known.



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